Jameson’s and team Boston Cabs Visualization wins Most Innovative Idea in the MIT Transportation Hack-a-thon

Visualizing the direction of each cab (eat or west) doesn't reveal any overarching patterns. The second visualization aims at exploring spatiotemporal patterns in where people are requesting cabs to and from. The origin and destinations (OD) of cabs is an important indicator of the asymmetric flows were want to capture. [caption id="attachment_45" align="aligncenter" width="443"] Fares from all taxis originated at Boston Logan International Airport.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_50" align="aligncenter" width="458"] The total cab fares for all taxi trips originating near the Prudential Center.[/caption] As a technical note, the visualizations were all coded in Processing. I cleaned the data using a couple of short python scripts and made the background for the apps using QGIS, an open source GIS platform. The code as written is almost unreadable and certainly not optimized because of the time constraints of the hackathon, but I am happy to share it if anyone is interested. In all, the event was a lot of fun and fantastically organized. As a helpful observation to anyone planning their own hackathons, I think everyone would be served by planning designated time (maybe 30 minutes) to practicing the pitches at the end of the event. Technical difficulties and "winging it" ended up wasting A LOT of time at the end of a long day. I should also mention that this project won Most Innovative Idea from the panel of judges. Many thanks to my collaborators as well as the co-sponsor of the event, Amadeus Here is a link to the Hack-a-thon's website and other great submission!  
- comment | February 12, 2012

Our work featured in the MIT Spotlight: “Traditional social networks fueled Twitter’s spread”

MIT News article on research on the spread of Twitter; also includes video feature by Jameson Toole, ESD PhD student: “Traditional social networks fueled Twitter’s spread” – MIT News Office – December 21, 2011 Look the nice image of MIT homepage spotlight story! This resulted in media coverage including: “Ashton Kutcher, friends key to Twitter's success” (Jameson Toole quoted) – MSNBC – December 21, 2011; “Twitter use spread through face-to-face 'contagion'” – TG Daily – December 21, 2011; “Traditional Social Networks Fueled Twitter’s Spread: Study” – Newsroom American – December 21, 2011; “MIT Traced Twitter’s Rise Through Conventional Social Nets” – Enterprise Irregulars – December 21, 2011; “Media attention, traditional social networks responsible for Twitter growth: MIT” – TechShout – December 21, 2011
- comment | January 13, 2012