Invited Speaker at AAAS 2013 Annual Meeting

Marta C. Gonzalez was invited to the Session: Predictability: From Physical to Data Sciences. "This symposium will present how the tools of physical sciences aid our understanding of complex socioeconomic and technical systems. In the spirit of Wigner, we will explore the unreasonable effectiveness of the quantitative tools of natural sciences in social and engineering domains, bringing experts that apply these in various fields outside of physics. In contrast to data mining approaches, which are prevalent in the big data domain, here we focus on uncovering the mechanism and explaining collective phenomena using the predictive tools of natural sciences." (see more here)

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Two new PhD Candidates in Tranportation!

Serdar Colak and Yingxiang Yang passed their written exams in Transportation and they both did outstanding research proposal presentations! Congratulations!      
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Road Usage Patterns featured in the MIT News

With the Title: Cellphone data helps pinpoint source of traffic tie-ups, MIT news features our study: "Congestion can be alleviated throughout a metropolitan area by altering the trips of drivers in specific neighborhoods". This article was followed by many other media releases: UC BERKELEY,PHYS ORG,SCIENCE DAILY,R&D News, News Track India, TECHNEWS DAILY, MSNBC,LIVESCIENCE, YahooNews, TMCnet, cellular-news, EurakaAlert, UPI, TheAtlanticCities, NBCnews, REDORBIT, FinancialTimes, MercuryNews
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Jameson and Carlos bring us: MIT Transportation Club – Data Visualization Workshop.

DATE: Monday, November 5, 2012 TIME: 6 – 8pm LOCATION: 32-124 The Transportation Club invites you to our first Student Workshop which will take place on Monday November 5, 2012. The purpose of these workshops are to educate students in a new set of skills and techniques which can be applied to their research or academic work. This first workshop will focus on data visualization and will be conducted by Jameson Toole, an ESD PhD student and researcher for the Human Mobility and Networks Lab (HuMNet) at MIT. & Goals: Data visualization is now integral part of the way companies present themselves and innovate. With the massive amount of data now available state of the art tools and techniques change almost daily. In this workshop, we invite you to come learn the art of data visualization, where to find them, how to critique them, and how to create them. The first half of the session will be devoted to learn the basic concepts and techniques through examples, while the second half will feature a hand on tutorial. The tutorial will focus on learning the basics of a popular data visualization programing language, Processing, and will utilize the recently announced Hubway Data Visualization Challenge data. Participants are encouraged to continue working on their visualizations after the tutorial for submission to the challenge. & Please bring you laptops and download Processing and the Hubway Data Visualization dataset (links below). Processing (v1.5): Unfolding: Hubway Data Visualization Challenge: Slides: Workshop Slides & **TO THOSE WISHING TO USE THE PROCESSING SKETCH BELOW, PLEASE FOLLOW THE PROVIDED INSTALLATION GUIDES FOR YOUR SYSTEM.** Installation Guides: linuxmacwindows Final processing sketch: hubway_processing_final **NOTE** users must unzip the Hubway data folder to the processing sketch data folder or amend filenames: '../[sketch_folder]/data/' Processing documentation: Learning Processing by Daniell Shiffman: Open Processing (examples + code): Unfolding Maps: 39 Data Visualization Blogs from Flowing Data: Other data visualization tools: Hope to see you all there!
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Best Paper Award at the ACM SIGKDD Workshop

Our paper:  Inferring land use from mobile phone activity

Jameson Toole, Michael Ulm, Dietmar Bauer, Marta Gonzalez was honored with the "Best paper Award" at the the UrbComp 2012. This workshop provides the professionals, researchers, and practitioners who are interested in sensing/mining/understanding city dynamics with a platform where they can discuss and share the state-of-the-art of urban computing development and applications. It is part of the KDD-2012 meeting held in Beijing, China August-12-16, 2012.
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