Marta C. Gonzalez invited to speak in the Workshop: “How Far Can “Big Data” Take Us Towards Understanding Cities?”

It is held at the fascinating Santa Fe Institute (September 19th-21st, 2013) with an interdisciplinary audience from universities, companies and the government. All together trying to work on how to answer these questions:

“To what extent can Big Data help with the mundane problems of service management or the profound challenges of human development, all of which play out today in cities worldwide? How much data, and of what kind, do we need in order to address specific challenges brought about by urbanization? This workshop – a continuation of the dialogue on the development of a “science of cities” which has proceeded through a series of international meetings held over the past three years- will bring together leading researchers, from a variety of disciplines with differing types of engagement with urban data, to consider the modeling possibilities  and scientific potential of Big Data in the context of studying cities”

- comment | September 19, 2013

We won the Best Paper Award at the ACM SIGKDD Workshop 2013!

We are horned by the best paper award  at the the UrbComp 2013 for our work titled:

"A Review of Urban Computing for Mobile Phone Traces: Current Methods, Challenges and Opportunities" by Shan Jiang, Gaston Fiore, Yingxiang Yang, Joseph Ferreira, Emilio Frazzoli, Marta González.

This workshop is the venue to discuss and share the state-of-the-art of urban computing development and applications. It was part of the largest KDD meetings of all years: KDD-2013 held in Chicago

- comment | August 11, 2013

Marta C. Gonzalez as invited speaker in the StatPhys 25!

Marta was distinguished to present her work in the sessions of   "Interdisciplinary Physics". The meeting was held in Korea and was very inspiring and active. Looking forward to the next one in two years, which will be in Lyon, France. In the fruitful visit to Asia, Marta was invited to a Workshop organized by the Transportation Department in Central South University of China where our alumni Pu Wang is now Professor and also in a Conference in KAIST organized by our collaborators Mia Cha and Juyong Park. KAIST WORKSHOP IN SOCIO-CULTURAL COMPLEXITY:


- comment | July 26, 2013

Summer Interships at Google and the World Bank

This summer Jameson Toole will be intern at Google X and Serdar Colak will be intern in the DC offices of the World Bank. We are initiating a collaboration with the Transportation Cluster of the World Bank (lead by Dr. Shomik Mehndiratta) to help studying  travel times in South America (Buenos Aires, Rio do Janeiro and Mexico City). This is a great opportunity to connect our work in the urban domain.

- comment | June 15, 2013

UPS Fellowship

Serdar Colak won a 2013-2014 UPS Doctoral fellowship. Serdar proposes to explore the causes and mitigation of network congestion using mobile phone, GPS, and other data sources. According to the jury: "His work holds significant promise and looks to bridge many gaps in our current understanding of network congestion causes and remedies".... Congratulations!!

- comment | May 10, 2013

2013 MIT Information and Communications Technology Conference

We were invited to present our work in this conference, where: "MIT research leaders will present recent advances and novel strategies for leveraging big data—to optimize data management and to access and extract meaningful information in a rapidly evolving technology and business ecosystem.

The conference will present technologies and applications for pervasive sensors, mobile devices, data visualization and management, cloud storage, risk management, cyber security and privacy that open new opportunities for economic impact to achieve business goals." (see more here)

- comment | April 23, 2013