Research grant by Siebel Energy Institute

Our proposal aims to understand how transportation electrification impacts the power distribution system when transportation network constraints and human mobility needs are considered. For the full list of 2015 research grants, please see here.  
- comment | August 10, 2015

Congratulations to the Graduating Members of the Group

We successfully had 5 graduating members this year! Jameson will work at Jana, Lauren at Zipcar, Suma at Apple. MJ bacame a Professor at UC Irvine and Shan joined us as a postdoc.  We also congratulate friends of the group: Mehdi, Dimitrios and Noor!
- comment | May 31, 2015

Distinguished by invited lecture at the National Academy of Engineering

M.C. Gonzalez is honored and inspired by giving a lecture about Big Data Insights into Complex Socio-Technical Systems. The meeting was the 2015 NAE-AAES Convocation of the Professional Engineering Societies. The AAES General Assembly Meeting celebrated the Awards Dinner and the Annual Engineering Public Policy Symposium on April 20th, 2015 ( See program here    
- comment | April 27, 2015