Bringing Social Science Back In: The “Big Data” Revolution and Urban Theory

I am very glad to report the publication last week of my essay: From Data to Models that Improve Urban Policy This was an invited essay from a conference in Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard, that brought together 40 distinguished scholars, among them various members of the national academy of sciences. The conference, hosted by our local Joint Initiative on Neighborhood, Social Organization, and the Future of the City, aimed to share information about promising and successful approaches in order to promote broader participation in the use of big data for social science. Panelists presented both methodological innovations and substantive findings, but at the heart of the conversation were the challenges and possibilities of big data for social science. Details of the event here.
- comment | November 12, 2015

We receive a STL Faculty Research Grant

We were awarded a STL Faculty Research Grant for the project, “Mining Big Data to Link Affordable Housing Policy with Traffic Congestion Mitigation in Beijing, China”. We hope this research will help to facilitate an integrated planning of land-use and transportation in the metropolitan area, and guide housing affordability policy with alternative transport policy formation for the future of Beijing and other Chinese cities with similar challenges. See here for more information.
- comment | September 5, 2015